Netizens' opinions are divided over the campaign video to say "It's okay" to a crying child in a restaurant or a child who spilled coffee after bumping into an adult.

The Low Fertility and Aging Society Committee on the 9th through the official YouTube channel 'Tell your child it's okay!

I uploaded a video titled 'Atiquette (Child + Etiquette) Campaign of the Low Fertility and Aging Society Committee'.

The video is divided into restaurants, parks, and workplaces, and Dr. Oh Eun-young of the Department of Psychiatry appears.

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First, on the restaurant side, there is a scene where a child cries in a restaurant and the guests all look at the family.

One impatient male customer turns to the child's father and says, "Hey, uncle."

Then Dr. Oh said, "Atiquette is what you need in such a case," and "If your child is having a hard time because it is unfamiliar, please say 'It's okay'."

The screen then switches, and the male customer says, "It's ok, the kids can do that." The child's father responds with "Thank you."

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On the side of the park, a child playing with a ball collides with a woman holding coffee.

The woman scolds her child, "Boy!", when her coffee spills on the floor, staining her pants and her shoes.

At this time, Dr. Oh explains, "The child is short and has a narrow field of vision. He is inexperienced in using his body systematically."

After switching the screen, the woman asks, "Are you okay? Are you hurt?" and the child apologizes by saying "I'm sorry."

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In the last part of the job, a man who was working overtime receives a call from the child's daycare teacher, "It's past time for school, what time are you coming to pick me up?"

As soon as the man says, "I'll go as fast as I can," the boss looks at him with a frown.

In response, Dr. Oh said, "Please be considerate of parents who are raising children, and say 'It's okay'.

Finally, the video ends with Dr. Oh's remarks, "A small practice of caring for children 'atiquette', you are wonderful together. Every child is everyone's child."

When the video was released, netizens had mixed reactions.

Those who understand the purpose of the campaign say, “Children can make mistakes,” “Even if a child makes a mistake, parents just need to apologize”, “‘No-Kids Zone’, etc. All", etc.

On the other hand, some criticized the campaign, pointing out that "I feel compelled to be considerate", "I'm not angry at the child's fault, but at the attitude of the parents" and "It is rather like an advertisement encouraging low fertility."

(Photo = 'Low Fertility and Aging Society Committee' YouTube capture)