When it became known online that a resident had created a 'personal gym' in an underground parking lot shared by apartment residents, reactions are pouring in astonishingly.

Recently, mainly on the Internet, a photo was released along with an article titled 'Residents who built their own gym in the underground parking lot of the apartment'.

Writer A, who said he was living in the apartment, posted a photo of the notice attached to the apartment and said, "I installed a gym in the parking lot again like last year."

In the photo in the notice released by Mr. A, on the other hand of the underground parking lot, various exercise equipment such as parallel bars and weights are occupying the space.

The apartment side said, "Personal exercise equipment cannot be installed in the common area." "There are exercise equipment installed in a nearby park, so please remove the individually installed exercise equipment."

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Mr. A released another notice saying that there was a similar notice last year.

In the notice clearly dated September 6, 2021, a sandbag was installed precariously in the underground parking lot of the same building.

At that time, the apartment building requested, "The hanging sandbags are not aesthetically pleasing and there is a problem with the safety of the piping, so please remove the installed resident."

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Regarding the two notices, Mr. A assumed that the same person built a personal gym in the underground parking lot.

Netizens who saw the post commented, "What do you do if the pipe bursts and there is a problem?", "Are there many people who do not have common sense in this world, or is it that common sense is gradually disappearing?", "Track CCTV and reveal your identity", etc. I lost.

On the other hand, if you damage property belonging to the apartment while installing exercise equipment in the underground parking lot, you may be charged with vandalism.

(Photo = online community capture)