A 40-year-old man who broke into the house of his stepbrother and his stepmother in their 80s, burned clothes in the bathroom and mercilessly assaulted them with dangerous objects, was sentenced to prison for 'not treating them well in the past'.

Today (16 day) said.

B (53), who was charged with two charges, including trespassing and assault, was sentenced to a fine of 3 million won for participating in the crime of his younger brother A.

Person A broke into the house where her stepbrother and stepmother lived at 7 am on April 17 last year, saying to her brother B, 'I want to scold my stepbrother C (57) and stepmother (81), so let's go together'. .

Those who entered the house through the window struck C in the back of the neck with a knife, assaulted him with decorative stones, etc., then struck down C's cell phone with a pickaxe and damaged it.

Earlier, on the morning of March 27 of the same year, Mr. A broke into Mr. C's vacant house, piled up his stepbrother and stepmother's clothes in the bathroom, and lit it with a lighter to burn the bathroom in the house.

In addition, on the afternoon of March 20, he visited his stepmother and stomped on her leg with a foot and mercilessly beat her with a dangerous object for reasons such as 'I did not treat myself well in the past', causing a fracture that required 12 weeks of treatment.

Not only this, Mr. A engaged in violence against several people, including beating his face while drinking with her husband at the dawn of April 24 of the same year.

The court said, "The accused has a very poor quality of crime, such as habitual violence against a large number of victims." I did.

"However, Mr. A's brother simply took part in the crime and chose to be fined in consideration of his poor health," he added.

(Photo = provided by Yonhap News TV, Yonhap News)