• The range of Marshall Bluetooth speakers is expanding with the Willen, an ultraportable that can hang anywhere.

  • Sold 99 euros, the small device is also resistant to dust and immersion.

  • We appreciate its manufacturing quality, but also that of its audio reproduction, of a very honorable quality for such a small device.

Only one speaker model was missing from Marshall: the ultraportable.

With the Willen, which will be released in the coming days and which "20 Minutes" was able to preview, the manufacturer of stage amplifiers closes the loop between the imposing Woburn II Bluetooth speaker for the living room, and the Tufton portable patio.

Manufacturing quality, neat finishes

Or a small almost square-shaped speaker in the format 101.6 x 100.5 x 40.4 mm, and weighing 310 grams.

What is pleasant when unpacking is obviously the respect of the aesthetic codes of the brand of

guitar heroes


Here, the textured imitation leather covering found on the manufacturer's more massive devices gives way to a thick plastic that will allow the Willen to withstand small shocks.

The material is also very pleasant in the hand.

The usual metal grille surmounting the single loudspeaker of the enclosure (a 2-inch transducer, supported by passive radiators), gives way to a plastic imitation, but the illusion is almost perfect.

Even the Marshall logo, traditionally in brass and also in plastic, is deceptive.

Still, the product gives off an impression of quality, with neat finishes, and never betrays the good image that we have of its manufacturer.

And important: Marshall says it's made without PCV, and made from 60% recycled plastics.

These would be from old electronic devices.

There may be particles of smartphone, Internet box or computer in the small brand new enclosure...

Amazing sound for this size

Operating in Bluetooth 5.1, Willen is multipoint.

This assumes that it can be connected to two separate audio sources (such as a smartphone and a laptop), without having to perform a new pairing by changing source.

Optional: use the speaker with the Marshall Bluetooth app to take advantage of three different equalization proposals.

Relevant for more massive equipment, with a sound that offers more power than that of the Willen (10 watts), this equalizer has only a very limited effect here.

Still, if it is mono, the small speaker diffuses a rather surprising sound, given its small size.

The Marshall sound signature is definitely there, with a rich, balanced, tonic reproduction that offers enough roundness not to give the impression of lacking bass.

We took advantage of the Willen for a long time, with different musical registers, old and new, to appreciate its quality.

Tracks like

The J.B's

Pass the Pas (jazz funk);

Ani Kuni

from Polo & Pan (electro) or even the brand new

Age of Anxiety

from Arcade Fire (pop)… give a good idea of ​​the capabilities of the Willen with a sound that can slam, assert some bass, highlight the vocals .

In short, to seduce the eardrums.

Powerful hands-free kit

We also really appreciated its small joystick on the front.

This allows you to put a song on Pause, to raise or lower the volume, but also to go to the next or previous song.

Or even pick up a call.

Integrating a microphone, the Willen acts as a hands-free kit with very clear audio reproduction.

Questioned during telephone conversations, our various interlocutors confirmed that they heard us perfectly.

With its back strap (in the form of a large rubber band), the new speaker can be fixed almost anywhere.

Test obliges, it perfectly held the shock thus riveted on the handlebars of our bike during a city trip of a few kilometers.

Waterproof (IP67 standard), it can withstand dust and even immersion up to one meter.

As for its autonomy, Marshall announces about fifteen hours, but we managed to exceed them with listening at moderate volume.

Difficult, therefore, to take the Willen at fault.

Sold for 99 euros, it can be compared to the Soundlink Micro from Bose (129 euros), the Clip 4 from JBL (59 euros), or even the Boomster Go from Teufel (79 euros).

But we are waiting for the next JBL Clip 5 to find out which one will be the best!

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Stanmore II Voice TEST: Marshall's connected speaker sends very big sound

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