The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it will be piloting a pedestrian-only 'car-free street' every weekend for about two months, as the number of visitors to the Blue House area has surged due to the opening of the Blue House.

First, the approximately 500m section from Yeongbinmun Gate to Spring and Autumn Gate will be pilot operated as a 'car-free street' 12 times on weekends and holidays from Saturday, the 28th to Sunday, June 26.

In addition, in order to prevent vehicles from entering the Blue House, the Brazilian Embassy in Korea will control the section going up to the Spring and Autumn Gate from noon to 6 pm on weekends and holidays.

In addition, the city will pilot Inwangsan-ro, which has received many requests from local residents, as a car-free street twice on Sunday, the 22nd and Sunday, the 29th.

Accordingly, two-way vehicles of about 1.5 km from the tiger statue to 'Poet Yun Dong-ju's Hill' are controlled.

Since the opening of the Blue House on the 10th, the Seoul Metropolitan Government estimates that the number of daily visitors has reached about 40,000, which is a 25-fold increase from 1,600 before the opening.

The city expects that if the interior of the Blue House is further opened in the future, the number of nearby visitors will increase even more.

Based on the pilot operation effect, the city plans to actively promote the regular operation of 'car-free streets' on weekends in the future.