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Won Jong-cheol, president of the Catholic University of Korea, has officially apologized for the controversy that he spoke recklessly to the victims of the Sewol ferry disaster.

On the 28th of last month, a post titled 'Anthropology 3 things to remember' was posted on the bulletin board dedicated to Catholic University of 'Everytime', an anonymous university student community.

The author said that in an anthropology class conducted by President Won, he spoke with the purpose of 'get a job (prepare for employment) from the first year', 'parents die before me', and 'the victims of the Sewol ferry died because they could not act independently'. criticized.

As the post spread to various online communities, sharp criticism of President Won's inappropriate remarks poured in.

In this regard, Won Jong-cheol, president of the Catholic University of Korea, expressed his apology through his website yesterday (10th) in relation to the controversy caused by his remarks.

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In the apology, President Won explained, "The theme of this anthropology class was 'finding me'," and explained that he spoke with the intent that "from now on, as a college student, you must judge by your own thoughts and take responsibility for your actions."

Regarding the controversy over the remarks of the victims of the Sewol ferry disaster, he said, "In the process of saying, 'The sacrifice of students who only listened to the words of adults and did not move in the Sewol ferry, which is the pain of all of us, should not happen again,' the intention was misrepresented." He added, "As a student teacher, I feel very sorry for the innocent victims of the Sewol ferry disaster."

A Catholic University official said, "The apology is an official apology for the controversy by President Won, as the contents of the apology are."

(Photo = Yonhap News, Catholic University website)