The court placed a brake on the disposition of the police who banned the assembly, considering the area near the Yongsan Presidential Office as a prohibited place.

The 5th administrative division of the Seoul Administrative Court (Chief Judge Kim Soon-yeol) cited part of the application for suspension of execution (suspension of effect) of the notice of ban on assembly issued by the Rainbow Action Against Sexual Minority Discrimination (hereinafter referred to as Rainbow Action) against the Chief of Yongsan Police Station today (11th).

The court allowed the march within 100 meters of the Yongsan Presidential Office, which was the issue.

However, it was forbidden to stay in one place continuously in consideration of security and vehicle congestion concerns.

Rainbow Action reported that it would hold a rally at Yongsan Station Square on the 14th and march to Itaewon Square, but was disapproved.

The Yongsan Police Station cited the fact that some sections were 'within 100m from the President's Office' as the reason for banning assemblies and marches.

Article 11 of the Assembly and Demonstration Act (Gypsy Act) prohibits outdoor gatherings within 100 meters of the presidential residence, but the police decided that the presidential residence would also be included in the Oval Office.

With the inauguration of the new government, the presidential office and official residence were relocated and separated from the Blue House, and there was a disagreement between the assembly reporting group and the police over the interpretation of the Gypsies Act.

(Photo = Insuui Photo Reporters Group, Yonhap News)