The world pandemic caused a massive shift from an offline world to an online one. We had to teach our children online, we had to work from home, and many other services had to accommodate these changes. One of those services was casinos and gaming houses. Their owners quickly reacted to this situation and started to move their businesses into an online world. And not only can you play poker or blackjack online on your computer, but you can also use your smartphone and play anywhere and anytime you want. In today's article, we will focus on mobile gaming in the context of casinos.

Casino in your pocket

This year, it is customary to access your favorite gambling games through your smartphone. You can just pull out your phone on your way to work and start playing slots or poker, and you can also use and make some online bets. Most modern casinos are using HTML5 technology, so you can play in an online casino without using any unique app because modern internet browsers can run the games and the whole user interface thanks to the technology that was mentioned before. 

Using computer vs. smartphone. Which device offers a better experience?

If you decide whether you will be using a smartphone or your computer to play online casino games, you must consider many facts that both of these devices offer. We will try to help you to choose the best one for you. 

Why use smartphones for iGaming?

Are you always on the go? Don't you have time to sit and play on your computer? Then using your smartphone for playing online casino games is the best solution for you. You don't have to wait until your computer loads; just use your phone instead. You can play your favorite games on the way to work or school. Are you staying in line for something? Play a round of poker. The only downside, from our perspective, is the small screen that will not allow you to enjoy the gaming session to the fullest in comparison with the big HD monitor that you can use when you are playing on your computer.

We think that you should try both; use a computer for one gaming session and then switch it for your smartphone. You will see if the online casino experience will be better on the one or the other.