A public-private consortium, including the University of La Réunion and the plant protection center of the Center for International Cooperation in Agricultural Research for Development (CIRAD), worked on the genetic heritage of vanilla.

After four years of research, specialists have succeeded in identifying 83% of all the genes of

vanilla planifolia

, better known as Reunionese vanilla.

59,000 known genes

This sequencing is the most complete ever carried out, reports La Première.

It stands out from the first research carried out by American and Chinese geneticists who had uncovered 30% of the plant heritage in 2020.

The discovery of the 59,000 genes should allow scientists to improve the quality of this variety of vanilla.

The information could above all lead to the creation of types of vanilla that are more resistant to diseases and climatic hazards.

With this result, the researchers will also be able to bring out new varieties with the eventual objective of better meeting the requirements of the sector.


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