A man in his 20s who left underwear and lipstick in front of a woman who lives alone has been arrested by the police. 

Incheon Namdong Police Station announced today (10th) that it has booked a man in his 20s without detention on charges of violating the Act on the Punishment of Stalking Crimes.

A is accused of creating anxiety by leaving items such as women's underwear and lipstick in front of the house of a woman in her 20s, B, and a woman in her 30s, C, who live in a villa in Namdong-gu, Incheon in February. 

It was determined that he committed the crime by accidently seeing Mr. B while going out and finding the location of his house.

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A is known to have stated in the police investigation, "I was interested in (the victims)." 

After receiving the report of Mr. B, the police arrested Mr. A after two months of investigation based on CCTV around the victim's home.

A police official said, "It was confirmed that Mr. B was living in the same building as the suspect or in a nearby building." "At the end of last month, Mr. A was sent to the prosecution." 

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(Photo=provided by Incheon National Police Agency)