"It appears that the unknown vessel has capsized."

At around 2:37 pm on the 9th, the Pohang Coast Guard received a report from the Marine Coast battalion that the ship seemed to have capsized and hurriedly dispatched a rescue team to the sea.

Rescue teams arriving at the scene encountered an unexpected target, not a ship.

It was none other than an endangered right whale with a length of 18.5 m that had died with its white boat protruding into the sky.

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According to the Pohang Maritime Police Station on the 10th, a right whale was found dead in a net 1.5km east of Hajeong-ri, Guryongpo-eup, Nam-gu, Pohang-si the day before, according to the Pohang Maritime Police Station.

On that day, the Pohang Coast Guard received a report from a marine member who was on duty at the coast guard that the ship seemed to have capsized and was dispatched to the scene.

There were no signs of illegal capture.

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The Pohang Coast Guard took over the carcass of right whales from Pohang City, a local government with jurisdiction over them, and the endangered right whales are designated as marine protection creatures in accordance with the Marine Ecosystem Conservation and Management Act and will be disposed of through procedures.

Meanwhile, Marines who first spotted and reported right whales will receive a commander's reward.

A Marine Corps official said, "I understand that the measures were taken so that the crew members who acted quickly in accordance with the working rules can receive a reward."

(Photo = provided by Pohang Maritime Police Station)