The polo today probably carries the lightness of being checked better than the golf.

Although the magic three letters GTI merge with it as if by themselves.

Around 1350 kilograms are hard to beat, even if we look with nostalgia at the 1000 kilogram weasel of our youth.

Comfort and safety weigh the scales, we step on the gas, and lo and behold, the Polo pulls through heartily and delivers a goosebump-inducing sound that electricians can only dream of.

Holger Apple

Editor in business, responsible for "Technology and Motor".

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Volkswagen gives its brisk offspring 207 hp and 320 Nm of torque from a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine, resulting in a menu of pleasant vehemence.

Whereby the emphasis may be on pleasant.

If you are looking for the train to the apex on the latter groove, you will probably be happier with a Hyundai i20 N or Ford Fiesta ST.

The Polo serves everything a touch more generally acceptable.

Even the stimulus of the sprockets via a dual-clutch transmission with seven stages is gentler than through a manual switch, but we appreciate it nonetheless.

The fact that the seats do not come from the vise department may also be a reason for purists to turn away, but they prove to be extremely practical in the excited commuter traffic.

The 6.3 seconds from zero to 100 km/h fly by, and the properly gripping brakes, the cleanly aimed steering and the safely tuned chassis ensure that they don't end there unintentionally.

The Polo GTI rolls tightly, it's an athlete, even if it's not an extreme athlete.

A top speed of 240 km/h is possible, which is quite an announcement for such a small car.

At the same time, it remains essentially a practical car that can be used for shopping.

Apart from the discreet roof spoiler and the dual exhaust, it can hardly be distinguished from its more civil siblings.

What we still don't like are the clumsy rear lights, but the good light in front is a gain in visibility and safety.

With the 110 hp Style model, we consumed 6.8 liters in the last test.

With the GTI it was now 6.9 liters.

That's a strong argument for this strong guy.

Unfortunately, VW only demands 36,900 euros in the test car configuration.

Somehow the I in the name also seems to stand for inflation.