Off Hawaii, in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, members of the exploration vessel Nautilus have just discovered a "yellow brick road".

This discovery was made in the northwest of the archipelago, about 3,000 meters deep, reports


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It was within the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, where only 3% of the seabed has been studied, that researchers from the Ocean Exploration Trust discovered what one of them described at the time as the "route of the ocean". 'Atlantis'.

The find was broadcast live on the Internet.

A road of volcanic rocks?

According to the scientists, this ground which looks like a “baked crust” could be a dry lake covered with volcanic rock.

The cracks that led scientists to use this term "yellow brick road" could have their origin in successive temperature changes.

In order to learn more about this discovery made at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, the Nautilus team now wants to bring to the surface what looks like an underwater path.

An operation that will once again be filmed and broadcast live on the Nautilus site.


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