Police investigators get out of the silver van and enter the villa.

Moments later, a woman with her hat pressed down gets into her vehicle and grabs both of her arms.

This is a scene where the police arrest the Vietnamese mother, A, on charges of assaulting her daughter 1 month after her birth.


"Several men approached their hands and wrapped towels around them, so I thought they were going to get hurt, but looking closer, it looks like they're going in handcuffs (in the car)."

On the night of the 5th of last month, Mr. A and her Korean husband, Mr. B, took her 1-month-old daughter to the emergency room of a hospital in Incheon.

As a result of the diagnosis, the child had a fractured skull and even showed symptoms of cerebral hemorrhage.

Mr. A and his wife said the child was injured by falling off the bed, but the doctor, who was suspicious, called the police because it was difficult for her 1-month-old baby to get up.

As a result of digital forensic analysis of Mr. A's cell phone obtained through a search and seizure, the police secured a video containing the abuse situation, such as pouring milk powder on her child.

During the police investigation, Mr. B said, "She once hit a child for crying," and she admitted some charges, but Mr. A is known to be denying all charges.

The court issued an arrest warrant for Mr. B, saying there was a fear of escape, and dismissed the warrant for Mr. A, saying, "It seems that there is room for dispute over whether her crime is established."

The police, who separated the child from her parents and handed over to a shelter, are investigating the specific time and circumstances of the crime.

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