Every day, millions of

computer attack

attempts are thwarted thanks to security systems.

For this reason, "cybersecurity is vital," says

José Miguel Ruiz Padilla

, director of cybersecurity at Babel, a company that proposes digital transformation solutions and offers services to prevent


from acting.



have to be protected


with good


(equipment protection systems) because attack attempts are going to increase. In addition, everything that has an electronic component is exposed to being hacked," says

Ruiz Padilla.

But what happens when a computer attack occurs



It should be noted that


are 'submerged', that is, we cannot see them. They take advantage of this to exploit system vulnerabilities", she specifies.

For this reason, its detection "is not so easy."

Once the incident is discovered, the

response phase

and its corresponding protocols are activated.

To try to block the attack,

The remediation stage

begins .

"The evidence of what happened in the incident is obtained, why it happened and

how it can be avoided

so that it does not happen again, which is known as 'doing a forensic' and determining how far the attack could go," he says. Babel's director of cybersecurity.

"The attacker begins to see what are called

lateral movements

to try to obtain administrator permissions and access system information," explains Ruiz Padilla.

more frequent attacks



the type of attacks.

They consist of sending an email that contains a document or link.

"If you access it, it takes you to

malware , a virus, and causes


to enter a device ,

which prevents the user from accessing their system or their personal files," warns Ruiz Padilla.

In addition,


then demands the payment of a ransom to be able to dispose of them again.

They account for

70% of daily incidents

and "do not require technical sophistication to achieve their goal."

The best-known

blocking tools

are antivirus and


, which constantly scan everything that goes in and out of a

computer system

and determine if it's allowed, legal, or flagged as suspicious.



manufactured in recent years are being attacked, "because they already have digital systems and cybercriminals take advantage of

any security flaw

. We must bear in mind that everything that is designed has flaws to a greater or lesser extent, nothing is perfect", concludes Babel's cybersecurity manager.

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