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Presidential Transition Committee announced that it would decide whether to remove the outdoor mask around the end of next month.

It is also decided to introduce more than 1 million additional doses of treatment for eating by the first half of next year.

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Presidential Transition Committee has released a 'Corona 100 Day Roadmap' containing measures to prevent quarantine after the inauguration of the new government.

First of all, he said that he would make a decision after monitoring the quarantine situation by the end of next month on the obligation to wear an outdoor mask.

The government is scheduled to announce whether the mask will be lifted on the 29th, but according to the announcement of the acquisition committee, it is expected to maintain the duty to wear it for the time being.

The transition committee also decided to raise the limit on medical expenses for vaccine adverse reactions to 50 million won and expand support for death compensation.

Sudden death, who died suddenly within a certain period of time after vaccination, was also included in the scope of support even if the causality with vaccination was not recognized.

Opportunities for objection to the recognition of adverse reactions are expanded up to two times and the deliberation process is simplified.

In addition, the transition committee decided to start long-term research with 10,000 people and designate a dedicated medical institution in relation to the aftereffects of Corona 19, which is called the so-called long covid.

A hospital specializing in infectious diseases with more than 150 negative pressure beds will also be built.

He said that he would prepare a scientific quarantine system through an advisory body for infectious disease crisis response made up of experts.

As for oral treatment, we plan to introduce an additional 1009,000 doses, including 509,000 doses in the second half of this year and 500,000 doses in the first half of next year.

Yesterday, there were 76,787 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, keeping it below 100,000 for a week.

There were 546 cases of severe severe cases, which reached 500 in 62 days.

The death toll stood at 141, 59 more than the previous day's 82.