Better late than never.

In the United States, a comedian from Tulsa (Oklahoma) apologized on Tiktok to a former classmate he harassed fifteen years ago.

Seen more than ten million times, the video quickly went viral, says the British media

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It was stuffed crust

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They plan to meet again soon

It all started with a question posed to his community in one of his videos: “Is there a horrible thing you did as a child that you feel remorse for today as an adult?

Accustomed to publishing humorous content, the young American then decided to lead by example.

He admitted that when he was nine years old, he stole his classmate's lunch and ate it in front of him, simply because he was hungry.

Widely followed on social networks, the 24-year-old comedian finally managed to find his former whipping boy thanks to his community and a directory of former students.

Since the publication of his apology video, the two men have reconnected via instant messaging.

The contact having gone well, they decided to meet again on May 14th.

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