Recently, the number of cases where the mother's last name is used instead of the father's last name is increasing.

Celebrities have also joined the procession and are becoming a hot topic.

Chanmi of girl group AOA revealed yesterday (25th) that she changed her name from Kim Chanmi to Lim Chanmi after her mother's surname.

Last year, actors Jin Tae-hyeon and Park Si-eun also announced that they changed the name of their adopted daughter to her mother, Park Si-eun.

In February 2005, the Australian system was abolished due to the Constitutional Court's decision to be inconsistent with the constitution. .

According to the Ministry of Court Administration, the number of applications to inherit the mother's surname when registering a marriage is steadily increasing from 198 in 2017 to 612 last year.

If you look at other countries, European countries such as Denmark, Norway, and Finland allow parents to freely choose one of their parents' surnames.

In the United States, parents choose their surname when registering a child's birth, not when registering a marriage.

(Photo source: Chanmi Instagram, Jin Taehyun Instagram)