There was a large-scale crackdown on drunk driving on the night of last night (the 22nd), fearing that drunkenness could increase in such a lively atmosphere.

Dozens of people were caught, and as they ran away from the crackdown, there was a chase with the police at one time.

This is reporter Yoo Deok-gi.


As soon as a black car, a police car, stood near the gas station, it hurriedly ran to the other side.

It is a vehicle that fled to escape from a drunken driving offense.

A dizzying situation also occurred while driving quickly on a narrow road in a residential area.

[Kim Jeong-dae/Citizen assisting arrest: (fleeing vehicle) almost collided with a motorcycle in the middle, and passersby almost collided several times...


After running 2.6 km, he was blocked by another vehicle and barely stopped.

As a result of a breathalyzer test, it was the number of license suspension.

At the same time, drunk driving was caught one after another in the city crackdown.

[Drunk Driver: I had a glass of wine.

It was my anniversary with my girlfriend, so I had a drink in Gwanggyo.] The

driver who tried not to blow the breathalyzer,

[Enforcement Police Officer: (Blowing~.) More more more more moreā€¦




[Enforcement Officer: ((Breath can't go into the breathalyzer).) You're just pretending to be blowing.

Refusal of the first measurement.]

The result after three measurements is 0.13% blood alcohol level and the license is revoked.

Some people get caught drinking and driving while riding a bicycle.

[Enforcement Police Officer: (Blood Alcohol Concentration) 0.109%.

In the case of bicycles, a fine of 100,000 won is paid as a notice of disposition and ends.

Did you know?]

Yesterday, as a result of cracking down on major entrances and exits and intersections of Gyeonggi-do highways for two hours, a total of 51 people were caught, including 20 people who had their license revoked, 26 people who had their license suspended, and 5 people who requested blood.

The police plan to expand the crackdown on drunk driving to prevent drunk accidents following the lifting of social distancing.

(Video coverage: Jeong Sang-bo, video editing: Park Jin-hoon, screen provided: Song Young-hoon)