• Royal House King Juan Carlos receives in Abu Dhabi the visit of his two daughters and some of his grandchildren


infantas Cristina and Elena

have gone together with some of their children to Abu Dhabi to spend Holy Week with King Juan Carlos.

There they have allowed themselves to be photographed but the image of this family image has not gone unnoticed.

Twitter users have opened a debate: Where are Pablo Urdangarin's legs?

The second of the four children that the Infanta Cristina had with Iñaki Urdangarin appears on the right and in the second row, between her aunt Elena and her cousin, Victoria Federica.

Although in the photograph you can see his face and the upper part of his body, the optical sensation that the image gives is that

his legs or his feet do not appear


A fact that has generated debate in networks.

Will it be a visual sensation and will they be hidden behind those of Victoria Federica? Is this photograph a montage?

On Twitter there are all kinds of theories.

There are those who wonder if they have not made a montage with Photoshop, as happened in the

Christmas greeting of the kings in 2005


In it you could see Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía posing with all their grandchildren, but shortly after they had to admit that it was a photographic montage after the armed commotion when it was discovered that Irene, the youngest daughter of the Infanta Cristina, was in the same position as in a photograph that his parents had used in another greeting card.

Others have made

their own meme with the image

, deleting Pablo Urdangarin from it and adding it back next to the infanta Elena and already with legs in sight.

From Pablo Urdangarin's legs to Victoria Federica's shoes

But not only has commented on the legs of Pablo Urdangarin.

There are tweeters who ask other questions, such as the different colors of Victoria Federica's shoes, whose hand is holding the King Emeritus by the shoulder or where is Froilán, one of the great absentees from photography.

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