April 16th, this heartbreaking date, has returned without fail this year.

Today (16th) marks the 8th anniversary of the Sewol ferry disaster.

A wave of remembrance of the 304 victims continued across the country, including Ansan in Gyeonggi-do and Paengmok Port in Jindo.

Reporter Park Ye-rin.


Paengmok Port, where the victims met their families for the first time after coming out of the sea.

Yellow ribbons are tied around Paengmok Port with commemorative texts telling them to rest in a good place.

Citizens added a heart of remembrance by placing white paper boats in front of the pictures of the victims on one side.

At 3 pm today at the 8th anniversary memory ceremony held at Ansan Hwarang Amusement Park, I was able to confirm the deep longing for the 304 victims.

[The disabled / Sewol ferry disaster survivor: I can't help but miss you even after every year.

miss you so much.

Parents will be very tired and tired.

Come out and hug me once in a dream.] According to

quarantine rules, the number of people for the event was limited to 299, but many citizens watched the memorial ceremony outside the venue and mourned and shed tears together.

[Kim Yun-sol / Wonju-si, Gangwon: I am so sorry that the Sewol ferry disaster is forgotten, so I joined because I wanted to convey the message of not forgetting and remembering.]

The bereaved family is frustrated by the slow investigation into the truth.

[Kim Jong-ki / Chairman of the steering committee of the 4·16 Sewol Ferry Tragedy Family Council: Until now, regarding the investigation of the truth without sanctuary and punishment of those responsible, not only our family but also the public showed a passive attitude to the extent that they thought it was a bystander.] 4:16

pm, A memorial siren sounded in Ansan, where Danwongo is located, and the 8th anniversary memory ceremony ended.

(Video coverage: Lee Chan-soo, Kim Jong-won KBC, Video editing: Park Ji-in)