Ashley Gjøvik is a former senior director of engineering at Apple, dismissed in 2021. She has just filed a complaint with several regulatory bodies, accusing Apple of spying on its employees, reveals

The Telegraph

, relayed by Phonandroid.

In France, the complaint was received by the CNIL (National Commission for Computing and Liberties).

The former employee notably questions the Glimmer application, formerly Globber, used internally by Apple to help it improve its products through tests carried out by employees.

To participate, they must scan their face but also provide other biometric data.

Recovery of personal data

But according to Ashley Gjøvik, volunteering to participate in these tests is not respected.

The former employee notably mentions her participation in a “social event” where she had to manipulate Glimmer and Face ID, being locked in a room.

And, according to her, Glimmer would not be used only during these events since Apple would ask employees to upload their personal data to it at several other times.

"Apple pressured employees to upload their 'facial fingerprint data' to Apple's internal servers, captured secret employee photographs and videos, and told employees that face-related logs were automatically downloaded daily from their iPhones,” adds Ashley Gjøvik.

The bug reporting tool pointed out

For the former employee, the fact that Apple can take photos or videos without alerting the user is a problem: it is "what made me think that Apple, if it wanted to, could activate the cameras from my device and monitor me without my knowledge at all times.

Especially since employees would not know how their personal data is used, once recovered.

Finally, the whistleblower shared her concerns about the bug reporting system.

For this, Apple would use tickets sent by employees and could use their personal data without notifying them.

And these tickets would be sent by default to all the engineers in the company, which is tens of thousands of people.

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