A drunken man in his 60s has been charged with inappropriate physical contact with passing middle school students.

The police, who received the report, said that there was no evidence and released the man, and the CCTV footage was obtained three days later.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Park Se-won.


At around 8:30 pm on the 8th, an alley in a residential area in Seoul.

A man approaches two girls, talks to them, and then suddenly grabs a girl's arm.

Just when a man on a motorcycle passing by at the same time stopped it, the students ran away.

This is the scene of the incident.

The man committed the crime on the side of the road, and the victims fled along the road and immediately called the police.

As a result of identification, this man was a 60-year-old man living in the same neighborhood as the victim middle school students.

During the police investigation, the victim is known to have stated that Mr. A suddenly said, "Let's date me" and that "I made inappropriate physical contact."

Three hours before this incident, a report was also received that Mr. A made sexually harassing remarks and attempted physical contact with an elementary school student who was walking alone in the alley.

The police did not secure a new recruit, who denied the allegations because of drunkenness, but only booked him and sent him home.

This is because there is no evidence of the crime, such as CCTV, other than the victim's statement.

A nearby resident said that he often saw Mr. A drinking and walking around the neighborhood afterward.

[Neighborhood resident: The grandfather only likes alcohol and bought only makgeolli yesterday.]

Mr. A, who met with SBS reporters, argued, "It's true that a passing student looked pretty, so I said let's touch it, but there was no physical contact."

The police, who obtained the CCTV footage from the scene three days after the incident, said that they would soon call Mr. A to investigate and decide whether to apply for an arrest warrant.

(Video editing: Park Ji-in, VJ: Lee Jun-young)