The forest fire in Yanggu, Gangwon-do, which occurred during the day yesterday (10th) continues for the second day.

The forestry authorities, who have been working to extinguish the fire all night, plan to put out a large fire during the day by putting in 20 helicopters and firefighting personnel as soon as the sun comes up.

Correspondent Son Ki-joon.


As soon as the sun came up, the forestry authorities dispatched 27 helicopters and 1,300 firefighters to extinguish the fire.

The forest fire that occurred yesterday afternoon threatened private houses and temples overnight, but the forestry authorities managed to stop it by fighting it all night long.

At around 11 pm last night, the fire spread to the vicinity of Hwanggang-ri Village and Cheong-ni Garden Village.

Yanggu County and the fire department took all-out measures to prevent the fire from spreading in private homes, and about 70 houses were not damaged.

At the same time, the fire approached 30m in front of Bongansa Temple in Sang-ri, Yanggu-eup, but the defense was successful.

Special firefighters belonging to the Korea Forest Service also battled fire horses all night long.

I used a fire rake to scrape off fallen leaves or by-products that could become a 'fire pit' to create a defense line.

The forest authority said today that the wind has become more frequent and the goal is to complete the fire before the sun goes down.

As of 9 am, the fire extinguishing rate in Yanggu is 40%, and the fire line, that is, the band of fire, which had reached 18 km, has also decreased by 8 km.

[Byeongam Choi / Director of the Korea Forest Service: Since the wind is not very strong, the goal will be to suppress all remaining fire boats before sunset.] It was

tentatively estimated that 617ha of forest was damaged by the forest fire that continued on the second day.