It is always pleasant to be offered gift certificates.

And hackers running phishing campaigns have understood this.

Currently circulating emails allegedly sent by Canal +, promising a voucher of 60 euros to its subscribers after signing a partnership with Kadéos Edenred.

But beware, this is actually a scam, reports


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In this email, which uses the graphic charter of the encrypted channel for more likelihood, we learn that the 60-euro gift certificate can be used in 490 stores.

To benefit from it, just click on the link that is provided in the message.

By clicking on this link, the victim arrives on a first page, the purpose of which is to prevent anti-spam and other cybersecurity filters from acting.

Do not share your personal information

The scam then appears on the second site: cheaquecadeaucanl*com/mycanal/.

Note: the hackers did not seek precision since “canal” is written “canl” and “gift voucher” is written “cheaque”.

We suspect that the encrypted channel would never have made such mistakes.

The objective of the hackers here is to recover the email and the password of the MyCanal account.

Hackers can also intercept the IP address.

At the end of the scam, it is no longer 60 euros in vouchers that are offered but 100 euros.

The final objective is to recover the bank details of the victims, under the pretext of a mailing demanding payment.

According to our colleagues, the latter were targeted by combining more than a million compromised email addresses and passwords concerning the Canal + and Kadéos Ederend companies.


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