Broadcaster MC Ding Dong (43), who was accused of running away after crashing into a police car when he was caught drunk driving, was arrested.

Seoul Jongam Police Station announced today (6th) that MC Ding-dong, who was charged with violating the Road Traffic Act (drunk driving) and obstructing the execution of special duties, was arrested.

MC Ding-dong was caught by the police near Hawolgok-dong, Seongbuk-gu, while driving in a drunken state around 9:30 pm on February 17th, but he is charged with escaping without complying with the request to stop.

He is also charged with threatening a police officer who crashed into a police car while fleeing and demanded a stop.

Police arrested him about 4 hours later, around 2 am.

As a result of a breathalyzer test, it was reported that his blood alcohol level was at the level of license revocation (0.08% or more).

Yesterday, the court, which held the interrogation of the suspect before the arrest (examination of the validity of the warrant), issued an arrest warrant saying, "There is a risk of destroying evidence and escaping."

(Photo = Dingdong Happy Company homepage capture, Yonhap News)