Justice Minister Park Beom-gye said, "It is not fair" to link the disposition of Prosecutor Han Dong-hoon in connection with the so-called 'Channel A attempted coercion case' and the restoration of the prosecutor-general's command.

Minister Park met with reporters on the way to work today (the 6th) and said, "The Minister of Justice considers and reviews various things, but he does not only do specific people."

He added, "The right to defend is important, but it is also important to uncover the substantive truth." He added, "It is fair to interpret this harmoniously."

Last month, Minister Park instructed the Prosecutor's Office of the Ministry of Justice to review the restoration of the prosecutor-general's investigation command in six cases, including the 'Channel A attempted coercion case' involving a prosecutor.

However, when the related contents were reported immediately after the instruction and suspicions were raised that the intention was to prevent the acquittal of a prosecutor, the discussion was halted, saying, "There is a risk of misunderstanding because the content of the truth is distorted."

As the controversy continued, Seoul Central Prosecutor's Office Chief Lee Jung-soo ordered the investigation team to report on the investigation status of the chief prosecutor.

Minister Park also said, "We are still reviewing the invocation of a permanent special prosecutor in the Daejang-dong case at the minister's discretion."

(Photo = Yonhap News)