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In the middle of the city, four medium-sized dogs who did not wear a muzzle bit and killed a small dog passing by and injured the owner of the dog. 

According to the Gwangju West Police Station on the 4th, at about 4:58 pm the day before, at the crossroad in front of a park in Chipyeong-dong, Seo-gu, Gwangju, 4 medium-sized dogs (hounds) of 53-year-old A were standing in front of a crosswalk. ) rushed to 

At that time, it was reported that four hounds saw B's poodle and ran into him while he was preparing for a walk with his dog on a leash. 

Mr. A's dogs attacked the poodle several times without a muzzle, and even bitten owner B's fingers and wrists. 

The poodle was seriously injured and taken to a veterinary hospital, but it is said that he eventually died during treatment. 

The police are investigating Mr. A on charges of injuring another dog owner (negligence injuries, etc.) by neglecting the management of the dog.  

On the other hand, Hounds are not a breed that requires a muzzle under the Animal Protection Act.  

Under the current law, only five dog breeds and their hybrids are classified as dog dogs and must wear a muzzle. 

However, as the number of dog bites other than dog breeds continues, there is a voice calling for the need to expand the mandatory wearing of a muzzle. 

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