The police arrested seven people, including a manpower agency and a salt farm operator, on charges of exploiting disabled people in salt farms for 10 years and trying to lure them back to salt farms.

The Jeollanam-do Police Agency announced that it will soon send the three men, including the director of the employment agency, to the prosecution on charges such as inducement for the purpose of exploitation of labor.

They are accused of enticing a person with intellectual disability, who came out of a salt farm in Shinan in January, to work at another salt farm by providing accommodation or giving an advance payment.

The police plan to additionally forward four members of the family, including the salt farm operator Jang Mo, on charges of habitual fraud and violating the Welfare Act for the Disabled.

Since 2010, they have been charged with illegal profit-making practices, such as using Mr. A's disability to steal his salary.

Earlier, the police sent four members of the family, including Jang, to the prosecution for indictment on charges of exploiting and harassing Park Young-geun, an intellectually disabled man who had escaped from the same salt farm.

The police investigated a total of 14 cases related to the exploitation of salt farm workers, handed over 4 cases to the prosecution, and 10 cases are currently under investigation.

In addition, six salt farm workers suspected of having a disability were separated from the Jang family, and two people with disabilities were registered, and the registration process for four people is underway.

The police will intensively crack down on illegal acts such as human rights violations that may occur in the process of hiring workers at salt farms or fish farms or seafarers in island areas for three months from the 4th to the 3rd of July.

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