Recently, in an apartment complex, a resident in his 80s suddenly lost consciousness and collapsed.

The gait from afar was strange, so a guard who was watching carefully ran to him and gave CPR, and fortunately he was able to save his life.

This is an exclusive report by reporter Kim Min-joon.

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1 pm on the 26th of last month, an apartment complex in Suwon.

A man in his 80s walking through the complex fainted and fell to the floor.

A security guard on duty found a collapsed villager not far from here, and ran to give first aid.

The man was turned over to secure an airway, and then CPR was performed immediately.

[Jang Soon-deok / Security Guard: The old man who came from afar had a strange gait.

I looked carefully and it just turned upside down...


The fire department and our manager gave safety training, and I did as much as I remembered CPR I learned at that time.]

Another resident gestured to call 911, and a passing delivery driver and fellow security guards also helped with first aid.

[Lee Yang-ho / Witness: The person who reported it is screaming that someone has collapsed...


(Coming and looking) The security guard is doing CPR.

(I) lifted my leg at the thought of circulating blood quickly.]

After regaining consciousness, the 119 paramedics arrived shortly after and checked their health.

[Ryu Myung-su / Suwon Nambu Fire Station Paramedic: Before arriving at the scene, the security guard gave good first aid.

Compress the chest and secure the airway well...


So, you kept the golden hour well.]

Even thinking about it now, at a dizzying moment, the old man calmly thanked the security guard who saved him.

[Kang Shin-bae: The security guard is still nearby.

Had he been away he wouldn't have known the guards...


He was going to say hello one more time, but he couldn't afford it. Thank you.

Thank you.]

(Video editing: Yoon Tae-ho, VJ: Roh Jae-min)