“WhatsApp” launches 6 new updates to the long-awaited voice messaging service

The WhatsApp instant messaging application announced the launch of a series of updates to the voice messaging service, after it was long-awaited by users.

And the British newspaper "Daily Mail" said: "The new updates, which will be circulated to everyone over the next few days, come at a time when the demand for WhatsApp voice messages is rising."

The following are the updates that the WhatsApp voice messaging service has seen:

1- Listen outside the chat:

The ability to listen to any voice message outside the chat, which allows you to follow other tasks at the same time or read and respond to other messages.

2- Pause and Resume Recording:

 When you record an audio message, you'll be able to pause and resume the recording when you're ready, in case you get interrupted or need to put your thoughts in order.

3- Voice message display for recorded messages:

A visual display of voice messages to help keep track of the recording.

4- Listen before sending: The

ability to listen to your voice messages before sending them.

5- Remember your breakpoint:

If you pause listening to an audio message, you will be able to pick up where you left off when you return to the chat.

6- Fast playback of forwarded messages:

The ability to play voice messages at x1.5 or x2 speed to listen more quickly to regular and forwarded messages.


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