A novice self-employed person running a restaurant alone revealed the story of how she received comfort from her grandmother's guests.

On the 27th, an article titled 'Grandma who made me cry while going out' was posted on an online community for self-employed people.

Writer A, who introduced himself as a single novice self-employed person, explained the situation at the time, saying, "As it is a one-person store, I am busy setting up, cooking, and serving by myself, but a grandmother who came as a guest today watched me carefully." .

He continued, "Her grandmother said, 'People like grandsons suffer so much', 'Even if the world is too hard, it will soon get better. Be strong.' did,” he added.

The CCTV screen inside the store released by Mr. A showed the grandmother wearing a hat giving 10,000 won to Mr. A.

Mr. A wrote, "After saying 'thank you', I sent her grandmother, and she suddenly cried." He wrote, "I am so grateful to her grandmother.

Other self-employed people who heard the story cheered with comments such as "There are many customers, but thanks to people like that," "I am in tears. I hope the elderly stay healthy for a long time", "I hope you do not lose your original mind and become a wonderful boss" I did.

In response, Mr. A said, "Thank you for your support and sympathy from many people." "It has been a little over a year since we opened our business in the time of Corona 19. There are many times we don't even get a table a day, and there are times when we get hurt by customers' comments, but please support us. felt that there are more guests in our lives.”

He concluded the article by saying, "It's a difficult time for all self-employed people in Korea, but don't be discouraged and I hope you always do well."

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(Photo=Capture of the online community 'I'm the boss because I'm sick')