SpaceX has decided to stop production of new Crew Dragon manned capsules.

The space company wants to focus on other objectives, the company's presidency told 


, relayed by 



There will therefore only be four Crew Dragon manned capsules: Determination, Resilience, Endurance and Freedom, the last of which is still under construction.

By renouncing this program, SpaceX has chosen to move forward with other projects, such as that of the Starship rocket, an essential link in the conquest of space for the company.

Twenty Crew Dragon Voyages

Starship must indeed succeed Falcon 9 but the future machine is far from being finished.

Its first launch was delayed for several months due to obstacles in the development of the Raptor engine.

SpaceX must also focus on its rocket project to go to the Moon and Mars.

However, SpaceX does not rule out producing new Crew Dragon capsules in the future if necessary.

But the project will be limited for the moment to the restoration of the current fleet.

The economic model of Elon Musk's company is based on the reuse of gear.

A Crew Dragon capsule is designed for five trips.

In total, the program offers 20 round trips between Earth and the International Space Station.

Five trips (including four to the ISS) have already been organized since 2020, recalls



These capsules have become the shuttles of choice for manned spaceflight.


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