Authorities say that the corona virus is fading little by little, but still cannot be relieved.

That's because you never know where the Stealth Omicron will spawn, and it's hard to predict what other mutations will appear next.

Although the mutation itself is unavoidable, you can find ways to reduce the damage.

This content will be delivered by Cho Dong-chan, a medical professional reporter.


There are hundreds of confirmed mutations of COVID-19 so far.

[Jeong Eun-kyung/Director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: It is believed that the possibility of a new mutation occurring at any time is very high.]

Mutations with greater transmission or toxicity than existing mutations are called 'worried mutations'. For now, only delta and omicron remain.

In the world of viruses, highly contagious and less virulent mutations survive to the end.

Even if the highly toxic ones eventually disappear, they do the same damage as the delta that swept the world last winter.

Omicron and Stealth When Omicron passes, the prevailing view is that COVID-19, which started in Wuhan, is likely to remain endemic.

[Ki-Jong Hong / Editor-in-Chief of the Korean Vaccine Society: I think that the possibility of a very large re-infection with an existing mutant is not high.]

However, the problem is that a mutation that is very different from the existing mutation or a very new mutation appears, but it is unpredictable, so it is closely monitored. have no choice but to do it.

[Hong Ki-Jong / Editor-in-Chief of the Korean Vaccine Society: Another virus, or another new virus whose origin (origin) itself is not related to Wuhan (virus) for Corona, may appear.]

The infectivity of Corona 19 in the world and Countries with the highest toxicity are marked in red.

This time, the countries with the highest cholesterol and obesity in the world are also marked in red.

Combining these and calculating accurately, Corona 19 was more contagious and toxic in countries with high cholesterol and obesity.

The ability of the virus to spread and its toxicity can vary depending on the body condition of the host.

The most realistic mutation countermeasure is to establish vaccine and treatment policies focusing on those at risk of the virus while closely monitoring mutations.

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