The family who operated the salt farm in Shinan, where allegations of worker exploitation continued, were additionally handed over to the prosecution on charges of exploiting and harassing the disabled.

The Jeonnam Police Agency recently sent four members of a family, including a salt farm operator, Jang Mo, to the prosecution on charges of habitual fraud and violating the Welfare Act for the Disabled and the Prevention of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities Act.

They are accused of stealing 115 million won worth of salt farm workers from July 2014 to May last year by habitually stealing their salaries by taking advantage of their mental and physical disabilities.

There are also charges of using disabled people to engage in unfair commercial acts and to harass them by exploiting them financially.

In October of last year, the Research Institute for the Rights and Interests of the Disabled filed a complaint with the police against Jang, who operated the salt farm on behalf of Park Young-geun, who was exploited by labor at the salt farm.

The police first arrested Jang on charges of embezzlement in November last year, and then conducted further investigations into the allegations of exploitation of the disabled and whether his family took part in the crime.

Police are also investigating whether there were further injuries to three workers rescued from the same salt farm.

Lawyer Choi Jeong-gyu, Park's representative, said, "It is not a simple case of unpaid wages, but a case of physical and mental abuse that trampled on a person's personality. It seems to reflect the change in the perception of the investigative agency,” he said.

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