Here is the Corona news.

Analysts are cautiously coming out that the spread of the corona virus is passing its peak.

By 9:00 pm on the 27th, the number of new confirmed cases was 180,000, down by 120,000 from the same time the day before.

However, the number of elderly patients and patients with severe cases continues to rise.

This is reporter Kim Bo-mi.


The number of new COVID-19 cases, which increased to 490,000 last week, decreased to about 310,000.

Although the decline is clear, the proportion of the elderly, the high-risk group, is increasing again.

At the beginning of last month, it was less than 10% of the total, but today, about 66,000 people were confirmed and soared to 20.8%.

It is the first time in three months that the number of confirmed cases has exceeded 20%.

[Chun Eun-mi/Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital: (The elderly) It is quite difficult to prevent secondary infection in nursing homes or hospitals.

Infection continues through workers or caregivers...


The death toll decreased by 41 to 282.

The problem is that the number of people with gastritis is not decreasing.

On the 15th, 1,244 people recorded the highest number ever, but after that, it did not decrease and rather exceeded 1,200 again in 11 days.

The government is increasing the introduction of oral medicines to reduce the number of patients with severe gastritis, but due to strict standards for taking it, the number of daily patients is limited to about 7,000.

The additionally introduced 'Laguebrio' was not properly prescribed for the second day.

[Jeong Su-yeon / Pharmacist: Because it is an emergency use approved item, it seems that the work on the code or something like this is being delayed.

Doctors can prescribe only when the code is caught...


Meanwhile, the government lifted the limit on the purchase of self-diagnosis kits in pharmacies, which had been limited to five per person, from yesterday.