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BMW electric vehicles that had been neglected for a long time in Jeju Island due to the bankruptcy of a car rental company last year were successful in a court auction.

According to the Jeju District Court, 168 out of 200 BMW i3 electric vehicles have been sold and are currently in the process of being sold.

The cars sold through auction this time were 2015 and 2016, and car rental company A purchased an average of 60 million won per car, but due to the company's bankruptcy, they were left on vacant lots in Jeju, including around Mt. Halla in May of last year.

Vehicles were sold in the range of 1 million won to 18 million won.

It is known that most of the people who won the electric vehicle bid through this auction are used car dealers in other regions.

The model is being sold for around 20 million won, twice the winning bid price in the used car market.

Netizens said, "It could be double the winning bid price... I have to be careful when buying a used car."

"It would have been nice if I had also won a bid for a car in good condition, but it's a pity!"

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