The story of a netizen who received a parcel containing a bundle of 8 million won in cash from a stranger is a hot topic online. 

On the 20th, an article titled 'What should I do if someone I don't know sends me several million won in cash?' was posted on an online community on the 20th. 

Person A, who wrote the article, said, "I received 8 million won, but I feel bad. Maybe it's like money involved in a crime. 

In the photo released by Mr. A, a bundle of 10,000 won and 50,000 won bills were placed in a yellow envelope. 

Person A explained, "There was something breaking, so I sent cash by courier." He explained, "It seems that the name, address, and phone number (written in the recipient's information) match exactly, so it doesn't seem like it was sent by mistake." 

A immediately reported to the police, and the dispatched police spoke to the person who sent the parcel.

Person A, who heard the conversation from the other side, pointed out, "There is not one or two suspicious things." 

He said, "(The courier) complained that the post office worker made a mistake and sent it by mistake, but in that case, he wrote the recipient's information correctly and sent it. He is estimated to be in his 50s or 60s.” 

Netizens who heard the story suspected that it could be related to crimes such as 'voice phishing' and 'money laundering'.

They showed reactions such as "Isn't it supposed to be used as a voice phishing cash collection book?", "If you spend this kind of money, it's a big deal. It's good to report it," and "It's embarrassing how they knew your personal information." 

A police official said, "There are several methods such as account transfer, but it is against common sense to pay customers in cash." 

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