• Promising time savings and effective cleaning, the new vacuum cleaners and washers meet an increasingly strong demand.

  • Broom or robot, these devices each have their specificity and their technique to help us better maintain our floors.

  • Often incompatible with rugs and carpets, they also need to be perfectly maintained to remain effective.

Vacuum, wash and why not dry in a single action?

Broom or robot, more and more vacuum cleaners are used by two or even three people.

Promising time saving and effective cleaning, they meet an increasingly strong demand from the French since the first confinement.

In 2021, the floor care market saw its sales jump again and constitute 30% of the revenue from the market for small household appliances in France (up by +7.6%), according to Gifam.

All the devices presented in our selection have been tested by the editorial staff of "20 Minutes".

Observation: if the perfect vacuum cleaner does not exist (yet), the models we have tried do not disappoint and offer effective support for regular cleaning sessions.

Be careful, they are often quite heavy and only work on hard floors (tiles, linoleum, parquet, etc.).

You should therefore not rely on them to clean rugs and carpets.

And their use will be easier in spaces of good size.

Finally, as versatile as it is, a vacuum mop also needs to be cleaned after each use, which can take some time...

The best performance/price ratio: Roborock, Dyad

The principle of operation of the Dyad mop vacuum cleaner is simple: clear water is sent to its brushes which wash the floor, then dry it on demand.

Rubbish and dirty water are vacuumed, filtered and sieved in a small basket.

It remains to empty it, to empty the dirty water container with a capacity of 850 ml, and to carry out the self-cleaning of the brushes on the charging station of the device.

Our opinion:

Although a little heavy (5.2 kg), this mop vacuum cleaner remains easy to use.

Its quality of work gives satisfaction, the ergonomics of its brush even allows it to vacuum and wash along the baseboards.

The Dyad does not include a "parking" station (but a crutch to unfold), it will have to be placed against a piece of furniture or a wall to pause in its cleaning.

The possibility of drying remains anecdotal, the vacuum-scrubber moistening the floor rather than wetting it.

Finally, note a robust construction, with good quality plastics.

379 euros.

The most autonomous: Ecovacs, Osmo 950

Guided by its laser mapping, the Osmo 950 robot vacuum mop takes methodical care to leave no area of ​​your home uncleaned.

In addition to its suction system using two large brushes arranged at the front, the Ozmo 950 is equipped at the rear with a mop, as well as a small water tank which humidifies it in permanence.

The washing function can be activated or not.

Our opinion: 

Not too thick (9.3 cm), this robot can sneak almost anywhere.

It can be advised for an extra interview.

If it is practical, its system based on a cloth (removable and machine washable) will not overcome stubborn stains, but will prove effective for intermediate cleaning sessions.

It can also boast of being particularly quiet.

369 euros.

The most versatile: VB100, from Kobold

With its VB100, Kobold (subsidiary of Vorwerk, the Thermomix firm) offers a robust machine.

This offers two options: vacuuming, or vacuuming and washing at the same time.

Two specific brushes are thus proposed.

Distinguishing itself from its competitors, the VB100 deposits vacuumed dust and dirt in a disposable bag.

The system is much more hygienic than that of the bins to be emptied (no contact to be feared with dust).

For its part, the washing is carried out with microfiber wipes (four are provided).

Fairly wide, with a nice cleaning surface, they hook under the hybrid brush, like Velcro.

The wipes can be washed at 60° when dirty, increasing their lifespan.

Taking advantage of a "parking" station that allows it to stand up on its own, the VB100 displays up to 70 minutes of autonomy.

Our opinion:

Heavy (nearly 6 kilos with its hybrid brush, and 3.3 kg with its single brush), the VB100 remains a good product.

Kobold recommends using only its proprietary liquid to add to the wash water…a selling point that is hard to buy.

Although actually practical, the bag system of this vacuum cleaner remains expensive (3 euros for the 0.8 liter bag) and not very ecological!

We subscribe more to the removable battery system that can eventually be replaced later, making this vacuum cleaner a more durable device.

Launched at 1,299 euros at the end of 2020, it is now offered at an almost reasonable price.

849 euros.

The most innovative: Dreame Bot W10 from Dreamtech

Atypical, the Dreame Bot W10 robot is equipped with two rotating mops.

It has a docking station that houses two tanks of 4 liters each, one for clear water, the second for collecting dirty water.

Special feature: the robot does not fill up with clean water there (it only has a collector for the dirt that is sucked up), but returns regularly to its base in order to rinse its mops and moisten them.

With its mapping system to really go anywhere, it is piloted and programmed using an application.

1,099 euros (but we spotted it at 749 euros at Boulanger).

Our opinion:

The efficiency of the device with an autonomy of around 2 hours is remarkable, with good suction quality, but also washing, the "D" shape of the Dreame Bot W10 allows it to pass through the corners.

During our tests, traces of footsteps or soda on the tiles did not resist its mops which rotate at 180 revolutions per minute.

In addition, the machine takes care to avoid carpets, which avoids having to program virtual barriers for it.

Handicap, however: its 43 x 40 x 37.5 cm (HxWxD) base is bulky.

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