Our coverage confirmed that the Supreme Prosecutor's Office delivered an opinion in favor of the abolition of the Justice Minister's right to take control of the investigation, which was promised by the elected Yoon Seok-yeol.

It is the exact opposite of Justice Minister Park Beom-gye's position that it is necessary to maintain the investigation command.

Reporter Hong Young-jae was the sole reporter.


According to Article 8 of the Prosecutor's Office Act, the Minister of Justice's authority to lead investigations has been exercised only four times in the 72 years since the law was enacted, and three of them were under the Moon Jae-in administration.

President-elect Yoon, who was directed to investigate individual cases one after another during his time as president, promised to abolish the attorney general's authority, saying that it undermines the independence of the prosecution.

It was confirmed as a result of SBS coverage that the Supreme Prosecutor's Office agreed to the abolition of Yoon's investigative authority ahead of a report on pending issues by the Ministry of Justice's transition committee scheduled for this week.

The Supreme Prosecutor's Office is of the view that abolition is necessary for the independence and political neutrality of the prosecution's investigation, saying that the minister's authority to direct investigations can have a substantial impact on specific cases through the prosecutor general.

It is known that the opinion of the Supreme Prosecutor was sent after receiving the approval of President Kim Oh-soo.

Just a week ago, Justice Minister Park Beom-gye emphasized the need to preserve the power of investigation in order to check the power of the prosecution.

[Park Beom-gye/Minister of Justice (last 14 days): If you do a good investigation, you don't have to exercise your command.

Human rights are not protected by the prosecution, abuse of prosecutorial power, or unfair exercise of prosecutorial power…


However, the Supreme Prosecutor, on the other hand, took a position that was consistent with the promises of President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol, putting the Minister of Justice in a difficult position ahead of the report on pending issues to the transition committee.

In the midst of this, Kim Jin-wook, director of the Airborne Department, who was pressured by President-elect Yoon mentioning the theory of 'normalization of the Airlift Service', said in an e-mail sent to the employees, "I will do my job until the end."

(Video coverage: Yang Du-kwon, Yoon Hyung, Choi Dae-woong, video editing: Yu Mira, CG: Jeong Hoe-ryun, Kang Kyung-rim)