Our panda team once told us about the suspicion that the exploitation of labor is still continuing in salt fields in Jeollanam-do.

However, it was confirmed that salt farm workers, who denied the fact of the damage when we visited in the past, have recently changed their statements.

Reporter Won Jong-jin tells the story of why the people who were working without getting paid properly and hiding the truth later revealed the truth.


In January, although salt production was off, Park Young-geun's colleagues remained in the salt farm worker's dormitory with dirty toilets.

Reporters rushed to deny the fact of the damage.

[Damaged salt farm worker colleague (last January): No.

(salary) comes out every month.

There is nothing unfair, so please go quickly.]

I recently met two of the people who were brought out of the island for further investigation by the Jeollanam-do Province.

The statement has changed.

[Additionally rescued salt farm worker: What do you say that this doesn't work?

Hit them with a salt shovel or something like that, and hit them with a fist.

I have anxiety and always work.

I don't know when I'll hit it again.]

My account was managed by the salt farm owner and I worked there for about 10 years, but I confessed that I had very little money left in my hand.

[Additionally rescued salt farm worker: (I worked for 10 years, but there is nothing left in my account?) Yes.]

Why did he deny the fact of the damage in the first investigation conducted at the Jeungdo Police Box in November of last year?

[Additionally rescued salt farm worker: Even if I talk about it, if the boss or anyone finds out again...

Now I'm afraid of it again.

No matter what I say, it will.

'Talk to the owner directly']

He said that he suffered from the anxiety of being constantly monitored because he lived with the salt farm owner and stayed in a small local community for a long time.

[Additionally rescued salt farm worker: There are a few people who are sleeping with me, so even if I try to go, I can't get out.

In fear.]

Conciliation and pressure also had an effect in the psychological servitude of calling the salt farm owner as father and mother.

These workers also appear to have experienced the so-called 'Stockholm Syndrome', which victims of child abuse sometimes reveal.

[Yeomjeonju family: You guys have to write well.

You have to speak well.

As it is.]

[Extra rescued salt farm worker: (rosary) 'If you go, take the investigation straight away.

If you get the investigation wrong, you could be arrested



[Additionally rescued salt farm worker: I thought of that as soon as I crossed the Jeungdo Bridge.

'Ah, this time, this time.'

'I go to the (Jeonnam) Prosecutor's Office and tell the truth, and I don't go into salt fields twice anymore.']

Jeollanam-do Province is in the process of registering people with disabilities who have expressed their intention to escape.

[Lee Hee-cheol / Director of Victim Protection of Jeonnam Police Agency: We will provide livelihood and housing support to the end in connection with other organizations so that those who have left do not go back.]

We are also expanding the investigation to see if there are any more victims of labor exploitation.

(Video coverage: Harung, Video editing: Yang Won, VJ: Junho Kim)

▶ [Sell till the end] 'exploitation of salt farms' repeats in the welfare hole for the disabled