While being arrested for habitual theft and being tried, a 60-year-old person in his 60s who took advantage of the opportunity to be released from prison for attending a child's wedding was sentenced to prison.

The 12th Criminal Division of the Ulsan District Court (Chief Judge Hwang Un-seo) announced today (14th) that A (62), who was charged with violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Specific Crimes, etc. (theft) and semi-robbery, was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

A was trying to steal 210,000 won in cash and a gold bracelet worth 1 million won from a car parked in the outdoor parking lot of a large supermarket in Nam-gu, Ulsan in April last year, but when the owner of the car appeared, Mr. B hid in a nearby flower bed.

When Mr. B said, "I will call 112. Come out immediately," Mr. A threatened to stab Mr. B with the flashlight he was holding and said, "I will kill you."

Mr. A, who was arrested as a current offender, even showed the driver's license of another person he had stolen earlier when the police officer asked for an ID.

It wasn't just this.

Person A also toured Busan, Ulsan, Yangsan, and Gimhae until September of last year, selecting an unlocked vehicle and stealing cash and precious metals worth 7.8 million won over 10 times.

Mr. A made purchases with his stolen cards and used other people's IDs to purchase used cars.

After being arrested as a repeat offender and being tried, Mr. A was ordered to suspend the execution of his arrest for attending his child's wedding, and then fled and committed theft again.

The court said, "Mr. A has a history of being sentenced to imprisonment several times, and he commits a crime again during a repeated offense, and the crime is heavy." Severe punishment is inevitable for committing a crime.”