The number of new confirmed cases of Corona 19 exceeded 340,000 as of 9 pm yesterday (11th).

The number of confirmed cases increased by nearly 90,000 in just one day, and the government expects the number of confirmed cases to peak within ten days.

Reporter Han Sang-woo reports.


As of 9 p.m. last night, there were 345,712 new confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The figure, which fell below 300,000 in three days, again recorded an all-time high in one day.

The government revised the peak of the epidemic and the size of the largest number of confirmed cases again, saying that the spread would continue

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This figure is already close to the highest level expected by the government.

The daily death toll was the highest at 229.

The increase in deaths started from the number of confirmed cases a week or two ago.

Considering the trend of confirmed cases that more than doubled, there is also a forecast that the number could reach 300 to 400 by the end of this month.

The number of patients with severe gastritis also increased to 1,116.

The utilization rate of beds for critically ill and semi-critically ill patients nationwide exceeded 60%, and non-metropolitan areas with relatively few beds rose to the 70% level.

The government has removed the obligation to treat corona patients in quarantine rooms for efficient operation of beds.

If a patient hospitalized for another disease is confirmed, he or she will continue to receive treatment in the existing general ward.

[Lee Ki-il / Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters 1st Controller: The system that treats patients only in the Corona negative pressure room is not sustainable.

And it is also true that the effectiveness is very low.]

Some large hospitals such as Seoul National University Hospital have already started treatment in general wards.

There are not many hospitals where it is difficult to separate the circulation from general patients due to the lack of single or double rooms.

There are still tasks to be solved, such as the issue of responsibility if other general ward patients become infected with Corona.