For several years, Apple has made the privacy of its customers and the preservation of their sensitive data a priority.

Confidentiality reports even exist to find out what data the applications collect on you, or to find out if the applications respect your privacy according to Apple standards.

Despite everything, it seems that application developers are circumventing these rules to take advantage of your private data and in particular your location data.

According to a recent report by The Markup, developers seem to have found a solution to bypass the analysis system put in place by Apple and continue to collect your data.

Previously, apps included in their code a software development kit, also known as an SDK, owned by location data brokers.

These SDKs then offer free functionalities or even payments in exchange for their insertion within the apps.

It is these SDKs that collect the majority of your data, which sends it back to the brokers, who take pleasure in reselling it or analyzing it in order to know your habits.

The app labels at issue

These SDKs, Apple has ardently fought them within its App Store, and in particular with the creation of application labels, in which developers must enter the data collected on their customers.

Unfortunately, developers have to come clean, which not all of them are ready to do, and Apple has no controls in place for these labels.

Result: developers can very easily circumvent the system!

Thus, instead of selling the data in these famous SDKs, the developers sell the information individually to the brokers and transfer it from “server to server”.

According to The Markup, the only solution to prevent this resale of data would be to put in place a global law severely repressing this heinous act.

In another report, The Markup specifies that the personal data resale market represents 12 billion dollars.

A completely legal market in the United States, although unscrupulous.

With us, the GDPR governs the use and resale of this data.

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