• The start-up Thess Corporate has developed a particularly innovative pill box.

  • Connected to the cellular network, it allows doctors to program or modify a treatment remotely.

    The patient, on his side, only has to snap a medicine container on the top of the pill box, and to press as many times as indicated.

  • The Montpellier company is aiming for 100 employees by 2024, and has raised funds of 1.8 million euros to support the development of its product.

Connected pill dispensers, there are quite a few on the market.

Many patients, especially the elderly, use them to avoid missing out on their treatments.

But that of Thess Corporate, particularly innovative, could well seduce, more than the others, the medical world.

The hospitals of Nîmes, Strasbourg, Agen and the Avignon Cancer Institute are already testing this product, which required the teams of this Montpellier start-up five years of research.

When the development of this pill box, "as smart as current smartphones", began, "no tool made it possible to secure the patient at home, in particular in treatments to follow those who are suffering from cancer, confides Clément Sicard , Key Account Manager at Thess Corporate.

Roland Sicard, the founder of the company, met patients who told them that they felt much safer in the hospital, and that they had the feeling of being followed much less, once at home » .

The objective of the project was “to maintain this link, thanks to digital tools, between the patient at home and the healthcare team”.

Doctors can schedule or modify treatment remotely

The particularity of the Thess Corporate pill dispenser is that it is connected to a medical remote monitoring platform.

“On the cellular network, notes Clément Sicard.

And that is a real advantage.

No matter where the patient is in the world, there is always a network capable of fetching the information from the server.


Remotely, doctors can program a treatment, or modify it, if a patient informs them of a side effect, for example.

As for the patients or the nursing staff who take care of them, they only have to insert, on top of the pill box, a smart container, which replaces the traditional small cardboard boxes, with the drugs.

The device automatically recognizes the pills, and indicates the number to take.

Just press as many times on the top of the pillbox, and the stamps fall, like in a small vending machine.

“The pill box also makes it possible to verify that it is indeed the patient, with the use of a fingerprint, underlines Clément Sicard.

If a person is less autonomous, however, up to six fingerprints, a nurse or a relative can be added.


At Thess Corporate, we rely heavily on our pill box.

The company has 15 employees, and hopes to reach more than 100 by 2024. It has raised funds of 1.8 million euros, to support the development of its product, the marketing of which was launched in Europe, USA, Africa and Asia.

Thess will also participate from March 14 in the HIMSS exhibition in Florida, the CES of the medical world.


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