While the use of the COVID-19 vaccine that can be vaccinated to children aged 5-11 is approved in Korea, the authorities said that they would announce a specific vaccination plan within the next month.

Kwon Geun-yong, head of the inoculation management team of the Corona 19 Vaccination Response Promotion Team (Promotion Team), said at a back briefing on the 23rd, "Based on the approval of the Corona 19 vaccination vaccine for 5-11 years old, we plan to establish a specific vaccination plan and conduct expert deliberation." He said, "The detailed plan will be prepared and announced in March as we need to coordinate the schedule of introduction of the vaccine and the timing of inoculation."

Team leader Kwon said, "Until now, on the premise that vaccine items are approved, we have sought the necessity of vaccination and expert opinions from pediatricians and infectious diseases specialists, and conducted research services on the subject of parents' receptivity to (pediatric vaccine) vaccination." He explained, "We have also reviewed the status and effectiveness of overseas vaccinations through expert advisory meetings and the immunization committee."

Regarding the quantity of Pfizer's pediatric vaccines secured in Korea, Team Leader Kwon said, "The quantity contracted with Pfizer includes pediatric vaccines. are negotiating," he replied.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety approved the Corona 19 vaccine 'Cominati Injection 0.1mg/ml (for 5-11 years old)' for 5-11 years old, which Pfizer Korea applied for as an import item this morning.

Experts believe that the pediatric vaccine will be effective in protecting children who are highly likely to get serious when infected with an underlying disease, rather than suppress the current COVID-19 epidemic.

Jeong Jae-hoon, a professor of preventive medicine at Gachon University College of Medicine, said, "The actual vaccination is likely to start after the peak of the epidemic. .