On a road in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, a driver in his 20s was driving a vehicle drunk while driving and collided with a road guardrail and overturned, killing two people and injuring two others.

According to the Jeonbuk Iksan Police Station, a Genesis car driven by a 21-year-old man A collided with a guard rail near the Iksan intersection in Iksan-myeon, Osan-myeon, Iksan-si at around 10:20 on the night of the 22nd (the 22nd).

The vehicle then crashed into an agricultural waterway, crashed into a power pole one after another, and overturned.

Two people, including a 20-year-old man in the passenger seat, were killed in the accident.

Two people, including driver A, suffered injuries to their arms and back and were taken to the hospital for treatment.

At the time of the accident, the blood alcohol level of Mr. A was 0.048%, which was confirmed to be a license suspension level.

A and B are siblings, and it was investigated that the accident occurred while driving about 10 km for a drive after drinking with two of B's ​​acquaintances.

The police have booked Mr. A for drunk driving under the Road Traffic Act and are investigating the exact circumstances of the accident based on the black box video.

(Photo = provided by reader Young-Hoon Song, Yonhap News)