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A doctor in Gyeonggi-do is controversial after it was revealed that he smoked an e-cigarette while performing a sleep endoscopy.


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The director of an internal medicine clinic in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do is holding an electronic cigarette in one hand while performing an upper endoscopy of a sleeping patient.

During the examination, he inhaled an e-cigarette deeply, but the video was filmed by Mr. A, who was a hospital employee, in March last year and recently reported to the health authorities and the media.

Person A said, "I continued to witness the director smoking for a year while working at the hospital," he said.

In response, the head of the hospital admitted that he smoked, saying, "I smoked an e-cigarette to quit smoking."

He was fined 80,000 won from the health authorities on the 15th.

A public health center official said, "There is no punishment for smoking and drinking during medical treatment, so we imposed a fine for smoking in a non-smoking hospital. “, he added.

Netizens commented, "The fine is only 80,000 won! Shouldn't the license be revoked?", "This person is a doctor...