Recently, a man was arrested by the police on charges of fleeing while trying to rape an elderly man in his 90s.

However, during the investigation, the man's DNA was found to match the DNA of a suspect in another sex crime case 13 years ago.

Reporter Choi Kyung-sik of G1 Broadcasting reported exclusively.

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Wonju Police Station recently arrested a man in his 50s on charges of attempted rape and breaking into a residence.

A is accused of breaking into a house in Wonju in November of last year and trying to sexually assault an elderly woman in her 90s, but after unsuccessfully tried to run away.

The police, who were dispatched after receiving the report, conducted interrogation and investigation, identified the suspect within a month of the incident, conducted additional investigations, and recently arrested him.

However, another crime was revealed when the DNA of Mr. A was detected in the victim's body.

As a result of DNA analysis, it was the DNA of the suspect in the 'unsolved sexual assault of a teenage middle school girl' that occurred in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province in 2009.

[Kim Yeon-soo / Wonju Police Station Female Youth Division Manager: (past) The DNA from the crime and the DNA obtained at the scene matched.

I said I didn't.]

Based on DNA analysis and circumstantial evidence, the police consider Mr. A to be the culprit in both cases.

In June 2009, a middle school girl in Yongin went to the house of a middle school girl and raped her, but the culprit has not been caught.

[Kim Yeon-soo/Wonju Police Station Women and Youth Division: (At the time, the victim of a middle school student) thanked him for helping (he said.) Because there are some people who do not want to make a statement.

it's a thing of the past

We are only grateful that he told us in detail, rather.]

Due to the nature of the case, the police are expanding their investigation into the additional crimes against Mr. A.

The police applied for an arrest warrant, seeing that Mr.

(Video coverage: Kim Min-soo G1 Broadcasting)