A new transcript of the incumbent Supreme Court Justice Kim Man-bae, the owner of Hwacheon Daeyu, has been released.

This time, he even mentioned his real name, saying that the daughter of the Supreme Court Justice lives in an apartment in Suwon, and even mentioned a specific address.

The judge vehemently denied it.

Correspondent Ahn Hee-jae.

<Reporter> This

is an apartment in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do.

This apartment appears in the conversation log between Mr. Kim Man-bae and accountant Jeong Young-hak in February last year.

Kim reveals the name of the Supreme Court Justice and says, "Judge A's daughter lives in an apartment in Suwon" and "I can help the Supreme Court."

He said, "I'm talking to you," and also mentioned a specific house number.

Justice A is the person whom Mr. Kim referred to as 'he' in the previously known transcript, saying, "He will do all he can to make 5 billion won and buy a villa."

Prosecutors, who have been investigating the relationship with the luxury villa in Pangyo, bought under the name of Cheonhwa-dong No. 1, have also sent investigators to this Suwon apartment to investigate, but it is known that no clear charges have been found.

[Apartment official: There is Daejang-dong.

Because of that case, the prosecution once (he came to me)]

The apartment register says that two of Kim Man-bae's family members bought half of it in August 2014, but Kim only reported moving into this apartment in July of last year.

He also claimed that Mr. Kim lied to show off his influence, and that he pronounced his name incorrectly at the time of the conversation.

In a phone call with SBS, Justice A strongly denies it, saying, "It is not worth responding to," and said, "You must not mislead the people."

Former lawmaker Kwak Sang-do, who appeared in the transcript of '5 Billion Club', was handed over to trial today (22nd).

The investigation into former Special Prosecutor Park Young-soo and former Supreme Court Justice Kwon Soon-il, who were also mentioned as a '5 billion club', is expected to continue until after the election.

(Video coverage: Seol Seol-hwan, Yoon Hyung, Video editing: Lee Seung-hee)